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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A meeting I had today.

Well I just got home from a marketing meeting for my current job that I have as their graphic designer. We are sitting around a small rectangular table and had just began to eat our pizza, when the man that is our host for the evening asked one of my co-workers. "What motivates you?" And he replied. "Goals!" Our host replies yes very good and he points at me and asks me the same question. "What motivates you?" At the time I couldn't think of a single thing my mind went blank and it was if I wasn't paying attention at all, but I have been sitting here thinking about that question over and over again in my head. What motivates me? Not a single thing really motivates me, yes a goal or outcome could be what I want in the end, but what really gets me through the thick and the thin of my work is what people think of my over all work that I have produced, even if I get one that is sweet, or nice job. This motivates me to work harder then I know for some reason. It just feels good to put in a lot of yourself into your work and then have it handed back to you with a sticky note saying, great job! Anyways I just thought I would write down this thought to get it out of my head.

happy animating!


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